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BugTracker.NET 2.7.5

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Released: Feb 3, 2008
Updated: Feb 4, 2008 by ctrager
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Source Code BugTracker.NET 2.7.5
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Release Notes

This release adds some LDAP/Active Directory support.

Before deploying this release, you must change your Web.config file.
Your Web.config might be different from mine, but for me, the change
I had to make was from this:

<compilation debug="true"/>

to this:

<compilation debug="true">
<add assembly="System.DirectoryServices.Protocols, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B03F5F7F11D50A3A"/>

To enable LDAP support, configure these settings in your Web.config:

You can have BugTracker.NET check the user's password using an LDAP server instead of
checking it in the database. You still have to create a BugTracker.NET user. It's only
the password that get's checked.

To use LDAP, set AuthenticateUsingLdap to 1 and enter the appropriariate distinguished name.
The $REPLACEWITHUSERNAME$ gets replaced with the username that's typed in by the user
when he tries to log on.
<add key="AuthenticateUsingLdap" value="1"/>
<add key="LdapServer" value=""/>
<add key="LdapUserDistinguishedName" value="uid=$REPLACEWITHUSERNAME$,ou=people,dc=mycompany,dc=com"/>

When you enable LDAP support, the application checks user passwords against the ones stored in your
LDAP directory rather than the ones stored in the database.

The zip also contains sample code for importing users from LDAP into
BugTracker.NET's database. See "importusersfromldapsample.cs".

  • Fixed bug with duplicate users in user dropdowns that affected
"external" users. Thanks to Suchacek Zdenek for help with this.
  • Fixed how app was handling bugs associated with inactive projects or
inactive users, or users who are no longer marked assignable. Before,
if a bug was assigned to an inactive user, and then you updated the bug
in some other way, you would inadvertently also change the user too,
because the inactive user was missing from the dropdown. Now, the
current project/user is always FORCED into the dropdown, even if
it is inactive.

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