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BugTracker.NET 2.7.7

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Released: Feb 16, 2008
Updated: Feb 16, 2008 by ctrager
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Source Code BugTracker.NET 2.7.7
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Release Notes

  • Added new Web.config setting "AllowGuestWithoutLogin". This is the
explanation from Web.config:

There's a special user in the database, "guest". Think of it as a
user account that can be shared by several people. The guest user
can't save settings and can't save searches. If
"AllowGuestWithoutLogin" is set to "0", then the guest user still
has to login with a password. If set to "1", then the guest user
doesn't need to even enter a password. Instead, a link will appear
on the login page, default.aspx, saying:

Continue as "guest" without logging in

You can control the per-project permissions of the guest user in the
same way as other users EXCEPT that even if you give the guest user
permissions beyond View Only and Reporter, the system will
automatically reduce his permissions downward.
  • Modified search of comments to also search email bodies.
  • Bug's last update datetime/user is now updated when an email is sent.
  • Some people have reported that there are no borders around the
comments in the email notifications. I made changes to print_bug.cs
that may have fixed the problem. Not sure, sinece I could never
reproduce the problem. If you had this problem before and this
release fixes it, please let me know at
  • Added another query sample to setup.sql. This one shows the bugs
that have been stuck the longest time without a status change.
Here's the SQL if you want to try it out:

select case
when datediff(d, isnull(bpdate,bgreported_date), getdate()) > 90
then '#ff9999'
when datediff(d, isnull(bpdate,bgreported_date), getdate()) > 30
then '#ffcccc'
when datediff(d, isnull(bpdate,bgreported_date), getdate()) > 7
then '#ffdddd'
else '#ffffff' end,
bgid id, bgshort_desc desc,
datediff(d, isnull(bpdate,bgreported_date), getdate()) days in status,
st_name status,
isnull(bp_comment,'') last status change,
isnull(bpdate,bgreported_date) status date
from bugs
inner join statuses on bgstatus = stid
left outer join bugposts on bgid = bp_bug
and bp_type = 'update'
and bp_comment like 'changed status from%'
and bpdate in (select max(bpdate) from bugposts where bpbug = bg_id)
WhErE 1 = 1
order by 4 desc
  • In queries.aspx, now preserving the line breaks in the SQL, for easier
  • Cosmetic changes to edit_bug.aspx, which I hope folks will like.
  • Printing of "detail" reports should have better performance. Before,
the css styles were wrongly being included once per bug, not once
for the whole page.

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