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BugTracker.NET 2.7.9

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Released: Mar 1, 2008
Updated: Mar 1, 2008 by ctrager
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Source Code BugTracker.NET 2.7.9
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Release Notes

Bug fixes. A few of these fixes are the result of me running a
public instance of BugTracker.NET hosted at GoDaddy, at
  • Fixed bug 1891559, "Email message no longer has a border around each
item." Same bug described here:
Some people reported that the css doesn't work in the email
notifications. As a workaround, I added a "ForceBordersInEmails"
which uses border=1 instead of css to create a border in the emails.
See also "btnetcssfor_email.css.renamed". If you rename that file to
"btnetcssfor_email.css", notifications will use that css file.
  • Fixed bug with generatebtnetscreg.aspx. It's the page that
generates a .reg file for the screen capture utility's settings. There
was some debugging code accidently left in it.
  • Fixed bug 1904370 "index out of range error on edit_bugs.aspx" when
user is guest and there are no projects in the project dropdown.
  • Modified email.cs after experimenting with hosting an instance of
BugTracker.NET at GoDaddy. Now, even if you storing attachments in the
db, the app will still use the "UploadFolder" in order to temporarily
store attachments in the files system before being loaded into the db.
Before, the logic always tried to create a temporary folder, which it
doesn't have the rights to do at GoDaddy.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the bugs.aspx would crash trying to use
a filter that no longer applied to the query.You had to switch back
and forth between the search and bugs page to make the crash happen.
  • Fixed "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" bug
that was happening at BugTracker.NET running at GoDaddy. Where the
logic was looking for a custom field in the Request's variable
collection, the logic now handles the case of the variable being
  • Merged in code from Gerard Chanekon that adds ids to project
specific custom fields in edit_bug.aspx, to help with css.
  • Corrected insert_bug.aspx to truncate short description at 200
chars, not 100.

  • Added "days ago" to the dates displayed in edit_bug.aspx
  • Some cosmetic changes to edit_bug.aspx and search.aspx.
  • The app intercepts errors and writes them to the log and can also send
an email with the info. Now writing the server variables into the log
and error notification emails. Server variables means things like the
IP of the browser, User Agent, Referer, Cookie Values...

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