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BugTracker.NET 2.9.4

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Released: Oct 10, 2008
Updated: Oct 11, 2008 by ctrager
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Application BugTracker.NET 2.9.4
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Release Notes

To upgrade to this version, run this SQL:

alter table bugposts add bpemail_cc nvarchar(800) null
  • Fixed bug where SMTP servers were rejecting emails because of empty
CC field.
  • Fixed bug where adding an attachment failed because of null content
  • Fixed bug that prevented the "I forgot my password" from being used
unless you also enabled self-registration.
  • Removed the "CommentSortOrder" from Web.config. No longer supporting
that option.
  • Improved how the "Cc" and the "Subject" of emails are handled. They
are saved and displayed in edit_bugs.aspx
  • Changed how email address links work in edit_bugs.aspx. They
used to be "<a href=mailto:" links. Now they are
"<a href=send_email.aspx" links.
  • Improved performance of search.aspx when you have a lot of users and
you are trying to limit the display of them I needed that performance
improvement at the demo at
  • Added a new page "viewmemorylog.aspx", mainly for my own debugging.
Instead of logging to a text file I can log to a memory cache, and that
cache with this page. It helped me debug things with the site running
at GoDaddy. If you want to use this, search the text for "memory_log"
and you'll figure it out.
  • Add new experimental feature, a "news" link. To enable it, add the
following to your Web.config:


That will add a new menu item, "news", which links to view_whatsnew.aspx.
That new page will automatically refresh itself with what bugs were
recently added, changed, etc. Note that this feature does not obey
any permission. It will display information about all bugs, whether
the user has permission to view them or not. If the user clicks on a
link in order to view the details of that bug, THEN permissions WILL be
enforced, but not on the list itself.

The news only exists in a memory cache, so the page will be blank if
you restart your web server or even just edit Web.config.

Let me know if this feature is useful for you. It's a light weight
alternative to refreshing the bugs.aspx page, or having that page
automatically refresh itself, hitting the database over and over.

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