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BugTracker.NET 3.0.5

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Released: Dec 14, 2008
Updated: Dec 14, 2008 by ctrager
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Application BugTracker.NET 3.0.5
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Release Notes

To migrate to this release, run the SQL in upgrade.sql.

alter table orgs add ogcanview_tasks int not null default(0)
alter table orgs add ogcanedit_tasks int not null default(0)
  • Org permissions now include settings for "view tasks/time" and
"edit tasks/time". They are OFF by default, so you might need to edit
your org permissions if you have "EnableTasks" set to "1".
  • No longer supporting "CustomWelcomeHtml" in Web.config. Instead,
put your custom HTML for the default.aspx into the custom_welcome.html
file in the custom folder.
  • Added new Web.config setting "EnableRelationships" for turning that
feature on and off. It is OFF by default, so if you were using it
you need to add the line to your Web.config, and set it to "1".
  • Fixed bug where change history was missing from the emails. The
bug was introduced in version 3.0.4.
  • Fixed bug where deleting of bugs was leaving behind the related tasks.
Now deleting them.
  • Fixed bug where usmostrecentlogindatetime wasn't being updated
if Windows authentication was being used.
  • Fixed bug where guest was seeing "add task" link, but wasn't allowed
to add task.
  • Added to setup.sql a couple sample reports related to the new
tasks/time feature.

Here's a report of hours spent by org/year/month, that you could
use for tracking billable hours, based on "actual duration".

og_name organization,
datepart(year,tskcreateddate) year,
datepart(month,tskcreateddate) month,
when tskdurationunits = 'minutes' then tskactualduration / 60.0
when tskdurationunits = 'days' then tskactualduration * 8.0
else tskactualduration * 1.0
end)) total hours
from bug_tasks
inner join bugs on tskbug = bgid
inner join orgs on bgorg = ogid
where isnull(tskactualduration,0) <> 0
group by

Here's a report of hours still left to do based on "planned duration"
and "percent complete".

pj_name project,
when tskdurationunits = 'minutes' then
tskplannedduration / 60.0 * .01 * (100 - isnull(tskpercentcomplete,0))
when tskdurationunits = 'days' then
tskplannedduration * 8.0 * .01 * (100 - isnull(tskpercentcomplete,0))
else tskplannedduration * .01 * (100 - isnull(tskpercentcomplete,0))
end)) total hours
from bug_tasks
inner join bugs on tskbug = bgid
inner join projects on bgproject = pjid
where isnull(tskplannedduration,0) <> 0
group by pj_name

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