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BugTracker.NET 2.7.2

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Released: Jan 12, 2008
Updated: Jan 13, 2008 by ctrager
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Source Code BugTracker.NET 2.7.2
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Release Notes

THIS RELEASE FIXES SECURITY VULNERABILITIES. Please email me at if you think there are still vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed the worst Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities.
This is work is related to bug 1867089 "Multiple XSS and CSRF
vulnerabilities". Many thanks to Si Wong for discovering and reporting
these important vulnerabilities.

For more about CSRF, also known as "session riding", read here:

Until you install this release, a worst-case scenario is, if you are
an admin and logged into BugTracker.NET, and while you are logged in
- while your browser cookie is still in effect - if a bad guy could get
you to view his malicious web page, then just by viewing that page you
could delete bugs from your BugTracker.NET database.

With the fixes in this version, I've closed all the vulnerabilities that
I know about. Specifically, I revised all the delete_xxx.aspx pages.
I've also revised massedit.aspx, subscribe.aspx, flag.aspx, and
  • Fixed the specific XSS vulnerability described in bug 1867089, where
a user could enter javascript into a text custom field that would
then be executed if a user without edit permissions views the page.
I'm not aware of any other XSS vulnerability.
  • Fixed edit_self.aspx's project subscription dropdown. It shouldn't have
been showing the "no project" option.
  • Fixed bug 978216 "Globalization problem on custom fields when type is
float". Or rather decimal. Edit_bug.aspx was changed to handle the
European decimal fields, which can use a comma as the separator instead of
a period. Thanks to Christian Jundt for the code.
  • Added logic to insert_bug.aspx to allow for an attachment to be posted
without wrapping it inside an email message.

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